Where can gamblers play land-based casino slots with Bitcoin?

So, in the modern world, online casinos are significantly superior to offline casinos, but the choice of customers does not end there. One of the most progressive and attractive new products in cryptocurrency betting.

As soon as it is very difficult to find where to play land-based casino slots with Bitcoin as it is not legal in many countries yet to accept Bitcoin for gambling, this is still possible mostly online. For sure, professional gamblers know the secret places where they can play land-based casino games with Bitcoin, but even for them, the masters of the game, online variant remains a more profitable option.

Is it easy to play land-based casino slots with Bitcoin?

As soon as BTC is still a BIG question to many governments, even in the USA, the country, where blockchain is used almost everywhere and it is a great bonus for the economy, it is not easy to find the place where to play land-based casino slots with Bitcoin. However, a gaining trend of crypto online gambling is becoming more and more profitable. It has significant advantages, the main of which are as follows.

  1. Security. Cryptocurrencies cannot be faked, and the presence of passwords in the wallet of a player eliminates the likelihood that someone will be able to take possession of his savings.
  2. Low commission. Cryptocurrency still remains a fairly independent financial system, so the cost of operations, especially large ones, is low or equal to zero.
  3. Anonymity. No longer need for personal data is the coolest option for many gamblers. For cryptocurrency betting, it’s enough to have a crypto wallet. This eliminates the possibility of tracking the path to the gamer’s personality.
  4. Transparency. It is one of the most important attributes of the crypto industry, thanks to which one can personally monitor the progress of the transfer of funds.
  5. Speed. Cryptocurrency transactions are instant and are conducted 24/7. It will not take a gambler a long time to withdraw the funds won or put them into his gambling account.
  6. Rate growth. Having survived the crypto winter, the cryptocurrency began to grow actively and this trend will continue. Therefore, winning Bitcoins in a casino today, tomorrow or after a while, they will be more expensive, which means the well-being of a gamer will increase. Probable, the times, where each one can play land-based casino slots with Bitcoin will come also very soon.

BTC for online and offline gambling — what is more real?

For lovers of online games, one can use cryptocurrencies. The slot machine industry was, in fact, one of the first to incorporate the news on digital payments allowing its customers to use cryptocurrencies in online casinos. The most modern online casinos combine avant-garde design and games and stunning graphics with the incredible security guaranteed by digital payments. However, it is very difficult to find a reliable land casino that accepts cryptocurrency.

Some of them are located in Las Vegas. Today, there are 2 hotels in the “capital” of gambling where gamers can bet for cryptocurrency. The D Casino Hotel and The Golden Gate Hotel & Casino are the places where rich people, crypto holders bet offline and make millions (if they are lucky). The payments and all the operation connected with cryptocurrencies for gambling are possible with the help of BitPay. Recently, Merit Hotel Nicosia that is located in Europe, in Cyprus, also started dealing with BTC. The players there can withdraw their prizes using Bitcoin or fiat (the exchange is also available there).

These days, special blockchain gambling machines have been created, so that more people can soon play land-based casino slots with Bitcoin.

Author: Rene Beyer

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